Thursday, November 29, 2012

Lady in the mirror

She is staring at me.
Her green eyes wide like the reflection of a rainforrest early morning dew.
A steady, inquiring gaze.... her long lashes are trying to wipe away my focus.
But the apparition cannot fool me. She is there, this lady. That beautiful picture of a woman.....
though how she got into my mirror I do not know.

Ohh she is good, though! Returns my every glance at her, almost like a...
But I can feel her looking around the room when I take my eyes off her.... nothing escapes her.
Not the coffee on the small table, nor my favourite books on the shelves. Not my pillow, not my dress... certainly not the Fireplace!

She doesn't speak, and yet.... yet, I get the feeling she knows more about me than I know of her.
Sometimes I think I can hear her thoughts....
Next time I see her, I must remember to ask her name.

So this wonderfull dress are from The Silver Lining Hunt
I do alot of hunts on SL,and i must say this has been one of my favourits,in a long time.
The clothes and funiture in this hunt is awesome,the mirror comes from the hunt aswell.
The tea table and fireplace and the rest of the room comes from The Black Event by the Wash.
that ended yesterday


Dress - 22769 Anastasia Dress 

Clutch -Ty Zvezda - Diamond Studded Leather Clutch Purse

Hair -Exile Ramona - Dressing Room Blue


EyesAz... Quick Green

SkinLAQ ~ Imani2 [Peach] Glow skin 

Lashes - AD - Vamp Eyelashes


Mirror - [CIRCA] Starry Night Accessory Set ( The Silver Lining Hunt )

Floor cushion - GLITTERATI - baroque

Tea Table - _SS_ Tea Trey Table ( The Black Event )

Fireplace - _SS_ Black iron fireplace (The Black Event)


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