Friday, November 30, 2012

Twinkle, twinkle little star...

... at least that is what they call me. Even though I doubt they are aware of my conscious presence. HA!!
Look at her in that gorgeous black dress ... she's easily outsparkling me!
And those earrings! Like twin suns they glow, sending their light flowing down her bare shoulders...

Ooh I wish I had legs to walk in her shoes.. What? No! Not any of her shoes! Those very shoes she's wearing!
Imagine me, floating by gracefully, an elegant, dreamy reflection...

Sigh, but all I ever do is hang around in this room on my little tree.. A star, locked in here with that dagger girl looming above...
What use is a twinkly, sparkly star when the world cannot see me!
Oh I want to be her... Yes! Carrying that sparkle into the world, showing them the glittery greatness of sunlight, broken into a sea of diamonds...

Ooh the bitter irony! She will get all the attention... but what about the real star?!

Wearing :

Dress - Amour Signature - Nasayah MESH Dress - Black ( 10  L The black event)

Clutch - Ty Zvezda - Diamond Studded Leather Clutch Purse (The Silver Lining Hunt)


Shoes - ISON - miraya open-toe bootie (black) from Collabor88

Earrings - [ glow ] studio Old Clara gold Earrings from TDR

Hair - /Wasabi Pills/ -Annette2 Mesh Hair

Eyes - ::[Imperio]:: Innocence Eyes - Sapphire

Lashes - Eye Candi - Lush Lashes

- Default skin

Room :

Tree - [CIRCA] Starry Night Accessory Set ( The Silver Lining Hunt )

Table - [CIRCA] Starry Night Accessory Set ( The Silver Lining Hunt )

Black table -*RnB* Dakota Coffee Table - ( 10 L The Black Event )

Chair - !bang - comfy chair {royal}

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