Saturday, August 24, 2013

Gamer Girl

Warm Animations for the 24

Features a rare rubrik cube armchair with some cute sit animations,1 rare rubrik cube couch with cuple poses,relaxing and kissing and cuddles ;)
You can also so get your hand on different shapes of tetris bloks,and a big gameboy,plus a super nice twister carpet with animations to make the perfect,retro looking game room.

ROOM WARM Animations - the 24 pose

Wearing :

Gloves,socks and headphones - [AdN] CANDYROCK TP

Skin -Izzie's - Geanna Frostbite Skin fair Tp to Izzies

Hair- Exile Ramona Jump to store

Shoes and legwarmers - *X*plosion Tingly Shoes tp to store

Shirt - i love geeks top (marketplace)

Hot pants - *Linc* Low Rise Mini Jeans Skirt Black Grey Stripes tp

You will be able to read more about this amazing event on theire website

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