Friday, September 6, 2013


Ever had that moment where your in the perfect dress,got you hair done,put on the perfect make-up....
used hours and hours of thinking about what to wear,how to act,how to be,when all you do its just for him,for that one guy.
You go your heart is beathing you can wait to see him,everyday without him is utter pain.
You see him,he is looking at you,you had the long nights on the phone with him,the wonderfull dates where you filled with butterflies,and you think this is it.
And then there they are those words agian ....ITS NOT YOU ...ITS ME !

You stand stuned for a minute,everything around spins,and you feel like you just got your heart ript out,like your perfect dress is all covered in Blood,the hair and make-up is not that great anymore.
And you wish that once agian you did not put yourself out there.

With you heart wide open,in that perfect dress ....

wearing :

Dress : MAAI - " Minni Blood " mesh gown / Lolas / White

Necklace :: Lazuri En tournant Choker

Nails : CCD - Prim Nails Fingernails + Ring - Princess - Black

Skin : LAQ - Mima Pale

Hair : Clawtooth: Oh L'Amour (Bewitching Reds Pack)

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