Sunday, September 29, 2013

Lycilla-Grave Damage

Hiya all

Todays blog goes out to my partner in RL ,if some of you have read my older posts you know,that we met 4 years ago in SL under other Avatars.
They both sadly no longer exist.
Well on that avatar I had almost every Graves outfit ever made,because what can I say I loved them,but it was my partner that showed me graves and would find every opportunity to give me the outfits.
Well on Lycilla,i don't have that much graves mostly because My Cane is no longer active in the game.
And because i never really went around to graves on lycilla,until around a week ago a friend from another online game that i play joined SL after my constant nagging her to come here.
She asked me where she could get the best spacey sexy looking outfit out there in SL,and well i instantly thought off Graves because that is in my opinion the best.

While we both was shopping at graves,we stumbled over some video adds for graves that were super awesomely made and my friend,that knows my blog said that she thought that would be a great thing to work into my post

So then the hunt was on to find a location that would fit the outfit. Well we found a RP space sim hehe with a little extra grins.
While doing countless retakes and fending off the well far to willing men.aliens and what not we finally made it a wrap.

So after around a day of editing on my friends part here it is our first try with Video recoding in sl,lucky for me my friend had a little experience with shooting films on online games,could not have done this with out her.

Hopefully we will get better,and will try to work a video in with most post,if time lets us.

Hope you all enjoy the tribute to Graves (and to my BF Hahaha)

Lycilla-Grave Damage a video by Neorya on Flickr.

The Look

Outfit : G370 Gravity - Gray

Eyes In video : - DAMNED - Eyes13

Eyes In Picks : Silken Moon Tesla

Hair : ^;^CaTwA^;^  Vivianna


Boots : G391 Bound Boots - Classic

Skin : -Glam Affair- Linn Natural 08


Lipstick :Madrid Solo -Lip Designs- Line Up BONUS

Poses :  WetCat TTB 24

Dance : My- Sensual-19 (some still pics are taken whilie dancing)

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