Sunday, September 15, 2013

New From Nya's Shop

Hiya all

This super cute,casual everyday outfit is put together with the new september releases from Nya´s.
a oversize tank top with flower print(comes in plain and patterns),samba capri pants available in diffrent colors and patterns.And last a pair of  sporty sneakers.

And then paired the outfit up with super cool  accessories from Pure Poison

Put your sneakers on, Put your sneakers on
We're goin' dancin' all night long

I got somewhere to be, I want you to come with me
See I've put my sneakers on, Cause I'm gonna keep dancin'
After they all go home

So are you ready? Did you eat? Do you have the energy?

Are you reloaded? Are you able to stay on your feet?
Don't want you passing out after a couple hours of beats...
We're keep going, And going, And going, Yeah.

 Wearing :

Top :Nya's Shop- Tank Top

Pants :Nya's Shop-Samba Capri Pants

Shoes :Nya's Shop - Plain Sneakers

Hair : TRUTH HAIR Storm


Earrings :PP- Stephanie Teal Earrings 

Sunglasses : PP- Rockin Mesh Spiked Sunglasses - Black  


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