Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Close Up

Im not a person that talks alot about myself in my blog,the ones that follow my blog knows that by now.
Im a very private person,i keep to myself alot in RL and SL. I have a hard time trusting people,or letting them get to close.
Even in SL,where i sit behind my computer screen,im a very shy person,that dont really reach out unless the other person takes the first step.
To my luck my RL partner that i met in SL,did climb the walls i buildt,I feel very greatfull everyday that he,did not give up on me .....
And also a very small group of close SL friends,that i hold very dear.
Sometimes i wish that i had a different personality and that i was one of thoses people that can make new friends in a heartbeat but im not,and i guss thats what makes me the person i am.

Okays not more about me in this post :)

 Todays post features a cosy sweather hoodie from Dharkan, if your into the cosy black classic sweather look,combined with a pair of jeans or a skirt to sexy it up about,this is the perfect must-have for your inventory.

 When I was younger I saw my daddy
cry and curse at the wind.
He broke his own heart and
I watched as he tried to re-assemble it.
And my mamma swore she would
never let herself forget.
And that was the day that I promised
I'd never sing of love if does not exist.
But darling..

You are the only exception 
Maybe I know somewhere deep in
my soul that love never lasts.
And we've got to find other ways
to make it alone or keep a straight face.
And I've always lived like this
keeping a comfortable, distance.
And up until now I swore to myself
that I'm content with loneliness,
'cause none of it was ever worth the risk.

I've got a tight grip on reality,
but I can't let go of whats part of me here.
I know you're leaving in the morning, when you wake up,
leave me with some kind of proof it's not a dream.

The Look

Hoodie : Dharkan - 0018 Mesh Female Hoodie

Skirt : :::insanya::: Mesh - Ruby Mini-Skirt - Black

Nails + Rings : ...::: Scrub :::... I want it!

Earrings : PP- Stephanie Teal Earrings {wear only}

Eyes : - DAMNED - Eyes13

Make-up : ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Bensu Eyeliner Fatpack at The Cosemetic Fair

Vamp Fangs : [:T:] Prim Parted Lips :: Vampire

Lashes : *MC* "Falsies" Mesh Alpha Lashes with HUD

Skin : Glam Affair - Zara - Europa

Hair : 99Hair -Lori -blacks

Hairbase : 99Hair -Shaved Tattoo LAYER -black

Bracelet : Chop Zuey - Enigma Variations Mens Bracelets

Gloves : *Epic* Smexy Black & Bowie Lace Gloves

Shoes : N-core PIN UP XtremeHeel "Fatpack"  AT MP

Leg Tattoo : * Maison Close * Bow Legs Tattoo 

Poses :  Ma Vie

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