Sunday, October 6, 2013


Hello all today news is from H3ll Nexen Owner and creator of Vampire Legacy and Anarchy,now started up a super new store called Dharkan,Featuring a line of Cyber Inspired Outfits.
This is the first outfit in store,comes in 5 sizes rigged mesh,available in Black and blue.

I mixed the outfit up with some Arm Guards and shoulder pads from Graves.

And a super cool cut hair from A&Y Bunker,and killer heels from N-core.

Cyber girl

I see you
Standing over there
With your pale white skin
And your long black hair
Stomping your way
To the dance floor
Throwing out your arms
And crying for more

You are the girl everyone adores
Snap your fingers
They’ll be crawling on the floor
Kissing your boots and begging for more
Wearing almost nothing
You’re what they came for

Cyber girl

That sexy walk, those eyes
Your evil look makes me die
I want to know your name
I want to know your game

The Look 

Dress : Dharkan - CYN, Dress with Vest

Hair : A&Y Jetix Hair

EyesSilicon eyes Integer

Armguards : G370 Gravity - Gray

Shoulder pads : G370 Gravity - Gray

Necklace : PP - Teo Diamonds Necklace


Ring : Chop Zuey Gift RPH Miracle Ring (OLD Gift but one of my favourite Rings )

Shoes : N-core OMEGA "Black"

Leg Harness : .Shi : Leg harness [Rigged Mesh]

Skin : LAQ- Mima pale

Eye MakeUp : Corvus : Damned Eyeshadow

LipstickMadrid Solo- Show Designs- My Love Is Hard

Poses : 1 picture IsoMotion
             The rest Female Move WetCat 

Location : INSILICO

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