Wednesday, October 2, 2013

*Living Imagination* - Precious Silence

 Ever had one or more of those days where you look back in the past,and think over what have happened in your life.
Not really thinking it would have been better if ....
But just remembering all the good times, all the bad and all the great and meaningful events in your life.

When i look back mostly i remember a shy girl,that did not really fit in anywhere that was always dreaming about,butterfly's,meeting the love of my life,and making something of myself.

Well my family was not the richest and not the poorest,but still money was slim.
I started singing and i got accepted into one of the really great choirs a really hardcore on,where you had to addition to get in,well after 4 tests i got it.
But what i had not realized was how expensive it would really be,to buy the uniform and pay for the classes.
So i dropped out,i remember the teacher calling my dad asking why stoped,and i could not tell my dad the reason,because i knew my parents could not pay or maybe they could but i would not ask for it.
I never Sang agian.

After That at 14, i started working after school and in the weekends as a dishwasher,being there and looking a the head chef,changed my dreams.
I knew then that i would want to become just that.

After Graduation i started at the culinary college,and i got a apprentices ship,at a really well known restaurant,and there i started finding myself and the person i would like to become,this was where i fit in and the shy girl started to disappear,when i was in the kitchen i was the other me.
i worked hard i would go in and work as a dishwasher on my days off,to make more money.
I was 17 with a job,living in the basement of another restaurant,2 hour drive from my familie,without a car i did not see them much.

Life was fast and hard,stressful and exciting at the same time.
But boy did we live,partying until dawn and then going to work  a 18 h shift again without much sleep.
Not much space for a relationship other than with your co.workers.
Friends that was not working in the business began to fade.
I could writhe a book about my 10 years as a dishwasher,apprentice,chef and last sous-chef.

Back then SL became the place i went when i wanted to cut the stressfull away and just be someone else,where i could have my friends online when i came home late from work.
It was also the place where i met my future.

I followed my SL future to RL,i quit working in DK and moved to be with my sl partner,i now work with fashion in RL,i still miss working as a chef it will always be in my heart but i also welcome learning something new and cutting down on all the stress and hours.
To make a new life, a different one here with my familie.

And who knows what the future has in store for me,if im someday going to start my own restaurant or have my own fashion store.

But the one thing i do know its that i dont regret anything on the road to getting where i am today.

Todays Gown is the
stunnig *Living Imagination* - Precious Silence,simply takeing my breath away.
A really beautifull mermaid shaped gown in bright yellow and blue,with animated butterflys that dances around your body,and plays with your hair.
I picked a porcelain looking skin a gacha from Glam Affiar to keep the image of something Precious and fragile.

The Look  

Gown : *Living Imagination* - Precious Silence

Hair :.:EMO-tions:. * YERIAK *

Nails :CCD - Prim Nails Fingernails + Ring - Princess - Black

Jewelry : Lazuri Shaina Freshwater Pearls Complete Set

Skin : -Glam Affair-  Roza

Poses :   IsoMotion

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