Monday, October 7, 2013

The Black Wedding gown

So today i got the Wirna Wedding gown from MAAI, in black,what can be more perfect for Halloween,than a big beautiful Wedding,and the bride wearing a black gown.
Black is the new trend for the fashion-forward bride who wants to make a statement,is daring and beautiful.
Vera Wang was one of the first to offer brides a black bridal gown and i have to say i love her for,it not because i dont find the  traditional white gown beautiful but because in RL it is just not my color.
Would i risk it in RL to wear a black dress i dont know, but if i did,
 i would think it to be something like the Wirna gown,stunning with a nice fitted bodice,skirt looks like it has fabulous pick ups with gorgeous layers silk flowing around you.
I paired it up with the new Moondance Boutique Nails Square Short Spinal Diamonds 3d in soft pink and a FINESMITH set also in soft rosa/pink to add a bit of color to the outfit.

So a couple of months pass, and now I'm looking
For a wedding ring, head over heals, I have to tell
Her shes my everything, I should probably let it
Go, and let the past be the past, but I need her
In my future, and I just got to win her back, we
Never really been apart sense the day we first met,
With honesty in my heart, I can say she took my
Breath, with fear in my chest and delusion in my
Steps, I just have to make her mine in that black
Wedding dress...

 The Look

Gown : MAAI - " Wirna " wedding gown / Lolas / Black

Hair : .:EMO-tions:. * SUNSHINE * darkred

Eyes : Silken Moon Tesla Blue

Nails : Moondance Boutique Square Short Spinal Diamonds 3d

Skin : LAQ- Mima pale

Lipstick : Madrid Solo -Lip Designs- Facade Lips

Jewelery : FINESMITH Kotar silverwine

Poses : WETCAT 
Picture 3 : IsoMotion 

Location : Venexia

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