Monday, October 14, 2013

Vampire Rising

Hiya everyone

Hope you all had a good start to yet another week,mine was a bit slow and boring today,but with nothing to do,i was think what my next post was going to be.
My blog today is inspired by Pam from True Blood, only mine has redhair because my avatar loves red hair and she gets really mad at me when i make her blond hehe ;)
Anyway was trying to make the pictures look like a vampire rising.
while the sun sets,the darkness wakes and walks the empty streets looking for those unlucky ones still outside.

The Corset is from the Fantasy Gacha Fair thats going on until 31st of Oct.
The Epic version was lucky and got it in the first try,the texture of this corset is awesome,the laces in this side are really well made.
And if you have not been by the Fantasy Gacha Fair,is worth a TP, nicely decroated with dark and fogy surroundings fits perfectly a Fantasy fair.

Stranded in the spooky town,
Stop-lights are swayin' and the phone lines are down.
The floor is crackling cold,
She took my heart, I think she took my soul.
With the moon I run,
Far from the carnage of the fiery sun.

Driven by the strangle of vein,
Showin' no mercy, I'll do it again.
Open up your eyes,
You keep on crying, baby, I'll bleed you dry.
The skies are blinkin' at me,
I see a storm bubblin' up from the sea.

And it's coming closer.

You shimmy shook my bones,
Leavin' me stranded,
All in love on my own.
Do you think of me?
Where am I now, baby, where do I sleep?
It feels so good but I'm old,
Two-thousand years of chasin' and takin' it's toll.

The Look 

Top : [whatever] spiked Lingerie - black

Corset : *OAL* Dory Black EPIC At Fantasy Gacha Fair

Pants : Miamai_[BlackLabel]_Equinox Pants

Armwarmers : :{F.A.D.}: Nylie Leather Armwarmer Black

Necklace : Lazuri En tournant Choker

Skin : Glam Affair - Zara - Europa 03

Eyes : !Silken Moon Tesla Eye Turquois

Eye Shadow : Madrid Solo -Eye Makeup- Vixen 12 Pack

Lipstick : Madrid Solo -Lip Designs- Facade Lips

Hair : Exile::Independent Women Blacks 

Nails and rings : +:+WTG+:+ **F+@ SR** jeweled nails

Boots : .:L&B:. "Elise" Knee Boot Set:NOIR

Poses : Ma Vie

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