About me

From the first day, I have been addicted to shop­ping in-world.
Almost everything i wear has been purchased by myself or has been gifts given in groups or shops. most of them groups that require a fee to join quote early 2013. now i have alot of amazing sponsors and im very greatfull from all of them makeing me a part of thier awesome teams ..thank you all !!!

 If you like my work and you would like me to blog your items,please feel free to contact me inworld By notecard with your information detailed and clear expectations on it.

I dont believe in following a straight line, i like to blog a variety of things,i like to keep the readers of my blog amazed,and never knowing what comes next.
I believe that we all have our ways.
And i choose to blog what ever comes to mind,as long as its something I find special.
I really want my blog to be something for everyone.
And always working on improving and makeing it better.

Thank you all that follows my blog,your all awesome :)

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